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 Practical info that will be useful once you live in Guardia Sanframondi - Italy
How to separate trash and when they collect it door by door
(many thanks to Melanie Neale for translating this!)

Umido – Must be in biodegradable bags (Monday, Thursday, Saturday)

Organic kitchen waste (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, bread, pasta, rice, eggs and eggshells, spoiled food, kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, the filters, etc.), small bones, shells of mollusks (mussels, clams, etc.), shellfish, meats, pet litter, pet droppings, garden waste (leaves, grass cuttings, seedlings, flowers, small branches, etc.), maintenance of green waste, wood scraps, napkins and paper towels, wood ash.

Metalli (Monday, every other week)

Trays and aluminum foil, beverage cans, aerosol cans, tins and metal containers (tomatoes, sauces, canned vegetables, canned fruit, tuna, meat, etc.), crown caps for soft drinks, beer or water in glass bottle, aerosol (spray paint).

Vetro (Monday, every other week)

Glass bottles and glass jars

Carta (Wednesday, every other week)

Books, newspapers, magazines, comic books, telephone books, notebooks, paper of all types and sizes (from posters to information leaflets of medicines), all commercial printing (leaflets and brochures, leaflets and advertising flyers), paper bags for food (bread and fruit), paper bags with handles, food containers (cartons for pasta, rice, cereal, cookies, etc.), paper bags for cookies, flour, and food in general (no food residue), cartons for eggs. All cable ties, cardboard products such as preserves, yogurt and beverages. Shoe boxes, all pack sizes (large and small) of products such as detergents for washing machines and dishwashers. Boxes of medicines, toothpaste boxes, and boxes and cards in general. Tetra Pak (beverage containers of milk, fruit juice, wine, cream and the like). All corrugated containers of any shape or size (appliances and television sets), and cardboard containers for fruits and vegetables.

Plastica (Tuesday, Wednesday, alternates each week)

Plastic bottles (water, soft drinks, oil, juices and milk), bottles for detergents, soaps, products for the hygiene of the house and the person (tubes for toothpaste, hair gel, deodorant, etc.), cosmetics, distilled water and liquids in general, bottles and dispensers of syrups, creams, sauces, yogurt, packaging film for grouping bottled water or soft drinks, packaging film for packing toilet paper rolls and paper towels, supermarket and shop bags, clear plastic trays and packaging for fresh foods (meats, cheeses, fresh pasta, fruit, vegetables), plastic containers for eggs, ice cream, yogurt, cream cheese, desserts, rigid packaging for confectionery, trays for food, general packaging of polystyrene foam (Styrofoam), envelopes and bags for food in general (pasta, rice, chips, pretzels, candies, cookies and candy, including frozen), disposable tableware (plastic plates, saucers, glass and cups) nets of fruits and vegetables, plastic containers of pet food, plastic cans for packaging of various products (cosmetics, stationery, wet wipes, detergents, photographic films) plastic lids, plastic wrap, bubble wrap (packaging of household appliances, furniture, gift-packs, sporting goods), plastic bags and envelopes (detergents, products for gardening), pots for plants / flowers, straps for tying, big bags, pallets (platforms), boxes for bottles, crates for fruits and vegetables and food in general, hangers.

Indifferenziato (Friday)

Diapers, sanitary napkins, nylons, small quantities of pottery shards, cotton wool (cotton wadding for toilets, cotton wadding for dermatological purposes of cleaning the face and newborn), vacuum cleaner bags, carbon paper, wax paper, cd’s (without housing)

Ingombranti - Bulky items (Tuesday, 10am-12pm)

Mattresses, furniture, wire mesh, glass plates, mirrors, hard plastic (containers, buckets), toys, umbrellas, sunglasses, RAEE (Electrical Waste and Electronic Equipment: such as fridges, washing machines, freezers, computers, printers, keyboards, phones, televisions, blenders, air conditioners, etc.).

-Go to collection center on via Calvese

Containers on the Road (Every day)

Waste batteries, vegetable oils, expired drugs, clothing and textiles

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